We work with your insurance company when you think you have an insurance claim. Jefferson-St Louis County Contractors also offers free Roof and Exterior Inspection!

Jefferson-St Louis County Contracting offers no-charge help with property insurance claims! If you are looking for a Roofing Contractor to do a Free Roofing and Exterior Inspection you came to the right place. Fill out the form on the left and we can get started helping you with your insurance claim and most of all, help you restore your home or business!

Insurance Claims

The insurance claims process can be time consuming, tedious and frustrating. Signature Exteriors administrative team works in conjunction with Field Supervisors and homeowners. Allowing us expedite process for our customers, transforming a once tedious experience into a hassle free and fluid process.

The Insurance Claim Process

Step 1: File Your Claim

Locate your homeowner’s insurance policy and be sure to keep it handy. Now is an excellent time to find out your deductible amount for future reference. Many of our clients find filing online faster, which avoids lengthy hold times. You can click the links below and follow instructions online for filing a claim.

State Auto
State Farm
The Hartford

Once you file your claim, call your mortgage carrier, and ask them for a claim packet. This speeds up the process drastically and ensures your project will not experience delays.

Step 2: The Adjustment Process: 

Your insurance carrier will then assign an adjuster who will visit the home to confirm damage severity. Signature Exteriors strongly suggests our clients take advantage of our Field Supervisors/Certified Inspectors ability to help negotiate the proper claim settlement. We know what it takes to complete the roofing project and will be sure the settlement includes everything you need to restore your home to pre-storm condition. Signature Exteriors provides your insurance carrier with a comprehensive report.  Safeguarding you, the homeowner, that there is no size or estimating material discrepancies making the process clear and painless.

A claim summary is provided to homeowner typically within 7-10 days after the adjuster completed the inspection. This settlement is the guideline of specifications for the contractor to follow. The carriers use predetermined prices, based on market analysis, for which they estimate each item. Once this claim summary arrives, we will meet to discuss its content, review the quantitative estimates, and discuss the construction process. 

Step 3: Depreciation Recovery

Almost all insurance carriers apply depreciation to each item in the settlement. Think of this as hold back for the difference in value of what your roofing/siding is worth aged (damaged) vs. what it will be worth when it has been restored. Signature Exteriors performs the project based off the insurance company’s settlement so that when the repairs are complete, we can issue the proper invoice to your carrier for you. When we do so, the insurance carrier then pays you only for the depreciation they applied for the items repaired.

Do You Have a Mortgage?

Most of our clients restoring their homes through an insurance claim find their claim drafts have their mortgage carrier endorsed as an additional payee. Your insurance company adds your mortgage company on the check because they have a vested interest in the home. In the event the claim repairs are not completed, the mortgage carrier is carrying the loan on a home worth less than appraised.

The mortgage companies can be incredibly tedious to work with and in recent years, due to the failing housing market, your involvement may be required. Our staff will facilitate the process with diligence and tenacity but we may still need your assistance. It is crucial for us to work together so you receive your funding in a timely manner.

Claim Supplement:

In order for Jefferson-St Louis County Contracting to ensure we provide you with the best products and craftsmanship possible, it is crucial your carrier covers the claim in full. For example, there are over 30 steps in the re-roofing process. Failure to cover one of these steps results in an inferior roofing/siding system. We employ a Supplement Claims Specialist to ensure your carrier covers the project step by step, never missing critical components in the process. Most items missed by the insurance carrier are simple oversights. We provide them with pictures, diagrams, and estimates for our clients so the claim process continues without interruption.

We repair and install all sorts of new roofs.  It doesn't matter if you have a shingle,metal or flat roof, you need an industry-respected, consumer-trusted roofing and building exterior contractor. We offer professional building services for both residential and commercial customers.  

If you have an insurance claim we will take your headaches away and work directly with your insurance company to make sure you get you every penny you are entitled to! 

We Specialize In:

  • Storm Damage
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Insurance Claims
  • Commercial Insurance Claims
We take care of ALL your exterior needs, including
  • Roofing repair, including leaky roofs
  • Siding repair and installation
  • Gutters that need repair or replacement

We take pleasure in providing quality services while focusing on our customers specific needs. Locally owned and operated, we offer the ultimate experience in quality and customer satisfaction.

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We service all of Jefferson County MO,including Arnold, Fenton, Imperial, High Ridge, Byrnes Mill, House Springs, Barnhart, Pevely, Festus, Crystal City, Cedar Hill and DeSoto MO.  We also service St Louis City and County as well as St Charles County MO.