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Summertime Live Music Nearby- Apartments for Rent Jefferson County MO


Welcome to

Carlsbad Management, LLC

 Located in Jefferson County MO

We are located approximately 6 miles

South of Hwy 141 off New 21 

summer at South Pointe Apartments

We are close to St Louis County MO! 

And that means LIVE MUSIC this Summer

 Concerts in the Park

within driving distance for your enjoyment!

Check website: Concerts in the Park for dates and time changes! 

Carondelet Park on Sundays nights from 6 to 8 PM  

June through August

Here are a few bands that are in the line up!

Elvis live in St Louis

Memories of Elvis 

Bob Kuban Band


Fun Times in the St Louis Missouri Area!

Best of all.. IT IS FREE!!!

Bellerive Park on Monday Nights 7-9 PM in July

Gateway Ramblers, Pik'n Lik'n, The Greer's ,

Dennis Stoughmatt et L'Esprit Creole

South St. Louis Square Park on

Monday's  and Tuesday nights in Fanettie Park from 7-9 PM

will have live music!

We have


Garden Apartments

Mobile Homes Rent to Own   


Available in Imperial - House Springs MO  

Give us a call at 636-942-3100  to schedule an apointment!


We are conveniently located at 4700 South Pointe Drive, Imperial MO 63052.  We are on located off OLD State 21, just 1/2 mile south of the Shady Valley Exit off (New) 21.  

We are 10-20 minutes from Gravois Bluffs,

St Anthony's & St Claire's Hospitals,  

Shopping Areas: Arnold, Gravios Bluffs, South County Mall

Schools - Seckman (Fox C-6 district)

for Apartments, Mobile Homes.  

Northwest School District for the House

located in House Springs MO



Flowers in Containers -Apartments for Rents, Jefferson County,MO


Tips on Growing Flowers in Containers right on your Balcony of your new place with us!

Carlsbad Management, LLC has an opening in our apartments.  


South Pointe Apartments

This is our South Pointe Apartment Complex in the Spring Time. Flowers, hosta, etc

We maintain the grounds at our community.  We do encourge you to grow some flowers, herbs in containers on your porch/deck/balcony!  You will have some extra time, since our units have EASY CARE FLOORING throughout. There is NO two unit exactly the same!  Come check out our 2 bedroom townhouses, 2 bedroom Rent to Own Mobile Homes, 3 bedrooms duplex and our Rent to Own (Lease Option Purchase) Mobile home. We do have 2 Ground level units available as of March 7th, 2015.  

Call us today at 636-942-3100


Email for appointment or information


The Almanac

(Farmers Almanac) website

  It provides lots of great tips for How, When, Where to plant & Type of seed and plants to grow, etc!  Here is some tips borrowed from their website a few tips on

Planting in Containers.

 Please visit the Almanac website for more great ideas!

"Container gardening with flowers is a great way to instantly introduce color, fragrance, and beauty into our lives. It makes flowers part of any landscape—even on a deck, patio, porch, or balcony. See our tips."

Container Gardening Tips

  • Be sure that any container you use has drainage holes.
  • Avoid small containers. They often can't store enough water to get through hot days. Large pots also insulate roots better.
  • Clay pots are usually more attractive than plastic ones, but plastic pots retain moisture better. Consider a plastic pot inside a larger clay pot. Cover rim with soil.
  • New lightweight containers, such as those made of fiberglass, plastic, or foam composites, also make moving pots easier.
  • Use soil-free potting mix; not only is it light, but the fluffy blend provides roots with more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Geraniums, nasturtiums, and petunias are classic, colorful container plants.
  • Plant pansies in pots outdoors in early spring.

How to Plant

  • To plant, place the container where you want your flower to grow. Be sure it receives enough sun.
  • Add a one-inch layer of fine gravel, horticultural charcoal, or clay pot shards to the bottom of the container so that water doesn't collect.
  • Fill the container 2/3 full with soil-free potting mix.
  • With your hands, make a hole in the potting mix about the diameter of the pot.
  • Knock the flower out of its pot, spread its roots slightly, and place it in the hole.
  • Add more potting mix to bring the level up to 2 inches below the container top.
  • Water gently, press the mix to reduce air pockets, add more mix if necessary, than water again.
  • Feed container plants at least twice a month with liquid fertilizer, following the instructions on the label.
  • Keep the planting medium moist. The container plant is totally at your mercy for water.
  • As winter approaches in cold climates, you'll need to store the container flowers inside.

Perennials for Pots

Astilbe, bee balm, bergenia, bleeding heart, coneflower, evening primrose, hosta, hybrid daylily, Maltese cross, speedwell, and tansy

Annuals for Pots

Begonia, browallia, dusty miller, fuchsia, lobelia, marigold, morning glory, portulaca, snapdragon, statice, sweet alyssum, and sweet pea

Shaky Washers this Spring! Apartments for Rent Jefferson Co, MO



Carlsbad Managment, LLC

 We have wonderful 2 Bedroom Townhouses with Easy Care Floors available!  

4709 B Entry describe the image

Email for appointment or information

Call us today and get approved before the flowers bloom and you miss it!  We have lovely flower beds for you to enjoy while sitting on your balcony/deck/porch of your new place (Our Townhouse, Apartment, Duplex)!  View the wonderful spring colors of the Trees from you kitchen!

What you hear your washer shaking instead of the birds singing!

Well we have some tips from  Appliance Zone to help you eliminate that issue! 

These tips below was taken from an email sent to me from Appliance Zone! Sign up and get more tips from Appliance Zone.

Leveling Your Shaky Washer

While it's typical for your washer to shake some, too much shaking can mean that your washer is unbalanced. Follow these 3 easy steps to level out your washer:

DIY Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner
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1. Use a level to determine where adjustments need to be made. 

2. Tilt the machine back to get access to the front legs.

The front legs should be adjustable once you turn down the locking nut at the top of the threads. You will probably be able to adjust these by hand. However, If the threads are rusted try using a wrench.

Adjust the legs as needed and re-tighten the locking nuts.

3. Most washers have self-leveling rear legs, but over time dirt and rust can accumulate, causing them to stick. If the back of your machine isn't level tilt the back up a few inches then set it back down. The weight of the machine itself may be enough to loosen the legs. If that doesn't do the trick, try tapping the legs to loosen the dirt and rust.

Bonus Tip: For a finishing touch, you can install a set of anti-vibration pads under the washer. This will keep even typical shaking and noise to a minimum.


Call us today! 636-942-3100  

To see our available units!  

2 Bedroom,3 bedrooms, Rent to Own Mobile Homes, Duplex, Town houses, Garden Apartments,  

Email for appointment or information

Energy Saving Bulbs Apartment for Rent in Jefferson County MO


Welcome to

Carlsbad Management, LLC

where we have  

2B/1.5B Townhouses,

3 bedroom Duplex  

Mobile Homes Rent to Own Purchase


Available for rent today!

South Pointe Apartmentsdescribe the image

We are currently transitioning to the CFL light bulbs. When you are preparing dinner and reading those recipes, we want to make sure you have the adequate kitchen lighting in your apartment with us. 

Here below is a copy of the Consumer Report website of a buying guide for the energy bulbs.

Check your fixture to see what

LED /CFL is approved for your fixture.

Just because the energy saving bulb lower wattage doesn't mean; it's safe for your fixture.

Always be Fire Safe and Environmentally Safe.  

We promote saving $$$ where you can

but we HIGHLY promote Fire Safety of our buildings and your  home.


Light-bulb buying guide

CFLs and LEDs that make Consumer Reports' list of recommended lightbulbs offer impressive performance after 3,000 hours of testing—that’s almost 3 years of the bulbs being on for 3 hours a day. Compared with incandescent bulbs, CFLs use about 75 less energy; LEDs, 80 percent less. Both last much longer than incandescents. Most of our top picks are Energy Star qualified, but check the Energy Star website for updates. (The Energy Star designation matters if you’re looking for utility rebates.) Use the information here when you're buying bulbs.

CFL bulb


  • Use about 75 percent less energy than a standard incandescent.
  • Claimed life ranges from 7 to 14 years at 3 hours per day.
  • Brighten slowly, especially outdoors in cold temperatures.
  • Most are okay but not great at accurately showing the colors of objects.
  • Frequent on/off cycles shorten a CFL's life.
  • Most don’t work with dimmers, photocells, timers, and motion sensors.
  • Mercury is released when a bulb breaks.
  • Recycle to keep mercury out of the environment.
Halogen bulb


  • Use about 25 percent less energy than a standard incandescent.
  • Can be used in any location or fixture.
  • Instant brightness.
  • Dimmable.
  • Accurately show the colors of objects.
  • Usually white light.
  • Short life of a year or two.
LED bulb


  • Use slightly less energy than a CFL.
  • Claimed life ranges from 18 to 46 years at 3 hours per day.
  • Brighten instantly.
  • Many are dimmable.
  • Many work with photocells and timers; some work with motion sensors.
  • Most are OK but not great at accurately showing the colors of objects.
  • Some can’t cast light in all directions.
  • May be bigger or heavier than other types of bulbs.

Higher Kelvin (K) number = cooler light

  • 2700K = warm yellow
  • 3000K = white
  • 3500 to 4100K = bright white
  • 5000 to 6500K = bluer white

Lumens = brightness

  • 450+ = brightness of 40-watt bulb
  • 800+ = 60-watt
  • 1,100+ = 75-watt
  • 1,600+ = 100-watt


Higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) number = truer colors

Ranges from 0 to 100. Choose a CRI of at least 80 for bulbs used inside your home.



Everyday Health Tips Apartments for Rent, Jefferson County MO


Carlsbad Management, LLC

Apartments, Townhouses, Duplexes for Rent, In Jefferson County MO

Imperial, MO

Rent to Own Mobile Homes,

House Springs MO

south pointe apartments

While enjoying a non-soda beverage on your quiet patio/deck or in the comfort of your living room.

 You have extra time! Why, you ask. Because we have Easy Care Laminate/Tile flooring & Washer/Dryer connections in your unit!  

You will be able to have time to read tips on

Everyday Health on your High Speed internet with Charter.

Att and Charter offer services at our South Pointe Apartment Complex.   


Everyday Health


Visit their website for more Every day Health tips! 

10 Soda Alternatives


Americans continue to guzzle extra calories through sugary drinks like soda. And teens may be among the biggest offenders: Roughly one-third of high school students in the U.S. drink two or more sodas, sports drinks, or other sugary beverages per day, according to the results of a national survey released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The health dangers of soda are not new. Soda consumption has been linked to an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, as well as to rising rates of obesity. Recent research from the University of Bangor and Bristol suggests that drinking soda can actually trigger sweet cravings by dulling your sensitivity to sweet tastes, sparking a vicious cycle of eating sweet foods and drinks. “As taste satisfaction levels drop; the more sweet foods are consumed,” Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis from Bangor University’s School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences, who led the study, said in a statement.

Isn’t it about time you and your family kicked the soda habit? Get started with one of these healthier low-calorie thirst-quenchers, sure to still satisfy your taste buds.

What else is healthy? Living in one of our Apattments for Rent or Mobile Homes for Rent-to-Own

In  Imperial or House Springs areas in Jefferson County MO!

Spruce Up Water

Flavored waters have been popping up all over the place, but many still contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. A healthier choice is natural flavoring: Just add slices of your favorite fruits and veggies — lemons, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, mint, or limes — to a pitcher of ice-cold water for a refreshing and flavorful drink. Another great option is to put chopped-up fruit in an ice cube tray, add water, and freeze. Place these colorful fruit cubes in your beverage for instant flavor and color!



Go Natural With Green Tea

Studies of green tea have shown that it may help reduce the risk of several types of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, kidney stones, and possibly even cavities. In addition to this, green tea is calorie-free (if you have it without milk or sugar) and naturally high in antioxidants. You can pick any flavor you enjoy, because green tea is available in many varieties. It can be drunk hot or iced, and if you want a little sweetening, a few drops of honey will serve you well — though most people enjoy it au naturel.

Juice + Seltzer = Jeltzer!

There's no need to purchase sugary sodas or pricey vitamin-enhanced waters, which also pack calories. Mixing 100 percent juice with seltzer yields a tastier, healthier, and less expensive drink. A thick, tart juice, such as cranberry, pomegranate, or grape, makes for a great jeltzer base in addition to supplying health benefits. Studies have shown that cranberry juice might protect against urinary tract infections and kidney stones; pomegranate juice is a great source of vitamins C and B; and grape juice has antioxidants that may help protect your brain and blood vessels. Mix one part juice with three parts seltzer to create this light and bubbly concoction.

Stir in Some Sweet Stevia

Stevia is an herb with a very sweet taste, but it has no carbs or calories. Research has also found it to be beneficial in managing obesity and glucose intolerance. Once banned in the United States because of limited research, stevia is now growing in popularity among holistic and organic food markets as a dietary supplement. It can't as yet be sold as a sweetener, though. Available in powder form, flavored stevia is inexpensive, sweet, and easily dissolves in cold water for a delicious drink that will help you forget about soda.

Tonic and Lime…Minus the Gin

Traditionally used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks, tonic has a distinct taste that makes it such a popular base. But you don't need the alcohol to enjoy tonic — simply add a few slices of lemon or lime (or both) and a sprig of fresh mint for a unique and delicious beverage. Many tonic brands contain high-fructose corn syrup or other sugars, so opt for a diet tonic, if possible.


Red Wine Is Fine

Red wine , when consumed in moderation, has been widely reported to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. And research on the benefits of this fermented fruit doesn't stop there — red wine may also lower your risk of a heart attack, Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer. The National Institutes of Health recommends that women limit consumption to one drink per day (4 ounces of wine), and men to two drinks per day, in order to reap the benefits. Look for wine without additives, such as sulfites, which can cause headaches and other allergic reactions.

Drink Your Vegetables!

Vegetable juice offers a quick, low-calorie way to get all the benefits of veggies. It also contains much less natural sugar than fruit juices. But vegetable juice can be high in sodium, so opt for a low-sodium version whenever possible. Better yet, make your own fresh juice easily at home with a juicer. Simply add your favorite veggies, and even a few slices of fruit if you want to sweeten your drink, to the juicer — no chopping required! If you prefer a little kick, add some black pepper and a drop of hot sauce.


Move Over, Milk — Time for Soy

Soy beverages are naturally sweet and are now offered in a variety of flavors, including almond and vanilla. They are a great alternative to milk for those who are lactose intolerant or those who don't consume dairy. Studies on soy's benefits show that soy milk may reduce your risk for heart disease and osteoporosis. Look for low-fat, unsweetened soy beverages to reduce calories while enjoying a healthy, great-tasting beverage! Also, pick soy milk that has been fortified with nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D, especially if you're drinking it as a substitute for milk.


Let Loose With a Tea Infuser

Loose tea is a low-calorie option that allows you to get tea's health benefits and flavor from the actual tea leaf, without any additives. Brewing loose tea in an infuser, a device that holds tea leaves in a mesh chamber that you submerge in water, works wonderfully to bring out the flavor of your tea of choice. Enjoying a hot cup of loose tea — such as white, green, oolong, or black — is a relaxing pleasure that's also great for your health.


More and more evidence is showing that coffee in moderation can be a healthy part of your diet. Without cream or sugar, coffee contains zero fat and only a couple of calories. What's more, coffee drinkers may have a lower risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. And — as if you didn't know it already — coffee's caffeine can help with mental alertness and physical performance, as long as you don't overdo it. Too much caffeine can leave you jittery and anxious, so dietitians generally recommend that you drink no more than three cups a day (depending on the way it's prepared). That said, some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others. Pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant may want to avoid it, though research on this is mixed.


Groundhog Day! Apartments for Rent in Jefferson County, MO


Apartment's For Rent

in Jefferson County, MO 

Carlsbad Management, LLC


Call for an appointment today!

Groundhog Day, February 2, 2015

How did January get by us so fast? Can hardly believe, it is February and time for the "Groundhog" to tell us how much winter is left for us!

So, here is a little bit of History about "Groundhog Day" which some of you may or may not already know.   I

Some of the ways from the "Ole Days"

This is taken from website. This is a great website for insights on several topics.  We hope you enjoy the bit of history regarding "GroundHog Day"

On this day in 1887, Groundhog Day, featuring a rodent meteorologist, is celebrated for the first time at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. According to tradition, if a groundhog comes out of its hole on this day and sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather; no shadow means an early spring.

Groundhog Day has its roots in the ancient Christian tradition of Candlemas Day, when clergy would bless and distribute candles needed for winter. The candles represented how long and cold the winter would be. Germans expanded on this concept by selecting an animal--the hedgehog--as a means of predicting weather. Once they came to America, German settlers in Pennsylvania continued the tradition, although they switched from hedgehogs to groundhogs, which were plentiful in the Keystone State.

Groundhogs, also called woodchucks and whose scientific name is Marmota monax, typically weigh 12 to 15 pounds and live six to eight years. They eat vegetables and fruits, whistle when they're frightened or looking for a mate and can climb trees and swim. They go into hibernation in the late fall; during this time, their body temperatures drop significantly, their heartbeats slow from 80 to five beats per minute and they can lose 30 percent of their body fat. In February, male groundhogs emerge from their burrows to look for a mate (not to predict the weather) before going underground again. They come out of hibernation for good in March.

In 1887, a newspaper editor belonging to a group of groundhog hunters from Punxsutawney called the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club declared that Phil, the Punxsutawney groundhog, was America's only true weather-forecasting groundhog. The line of groundhogs that have since been known as Phil might be America's most famous groundhogs, but other towns across North America now have their own weather-predicting rodents, from Birmingham Bill to Staten Island Chuck to Shubenacadie Sam in Canada.

In 1993, the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray popularized the usage of "groundhog day" to mean something that is repeated over and over. Today, tens of thousands of people converge on Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney each February 2 to witness Phil's prediction. The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club hosts a three-day celebration featuring entertainment and activities.

Don't forget to check out their website for other topics of interest! 




Happy Groundhog Day!

Winter is almost gone!

Spring is soon to arrive!

Time for a change of scenery!

Check out our

Apartments and our Rent to Own Mobile Homes Available!

Aparments for Rent

Rent to Own, Mobile Home, Lease Purchase Option


We are located - Imperial Mo 63052 - TAke 141 to 21 South go 6 miles mile marker 180 - Shady Valley Exit.  Then go south 1/2 mile and we are on the left just off Rhonda Sue Court. 

Give us a call today to view our beautiful Townhouses, Garden Apartments, 3-4 Bedroom Duplex's.



New Years Resolution -Weight Loss -Apartments for Rent in Imperial,MO




“Having a realistic weight goal makes good sense,” says dietitian Jenna Anding, PhD, RD, of the department of nutrition and food science in the Texas A&M System at College Station. “Eliminating 500 calories a day can help promote a one-pound-per-week weight loss. Increasing physical activity can also help promote weight loss.”

In order for counting calories to work, you will have to do a little math (it’s okay to cheat and use a calculator). If you want to lose 1 pound a week (it is safe to lose up to 2 pounds a week or 1 percent of your body weight, if you weigh more than 200 pounds), that means you need to cut out or burn through exercise about 500 calories a day. But remember not to eat less than 1,200 calories daily, so that your body doesn’t retreat into starvation mode. A reduction of at least 500 calories a day means you could lose a pound every week or 20 pounds in about five months.

Lose 20 Pounds: Successful Strategies

Here are four diet truths to help you achieve your goals:

  • Cutting out sweet drinks is non-negotiable. Sweet tea, soda, and flavored and sweetened milks, waters, and coffees all have to go. Drink plain water, low-fat milk, and sugar-free drinks instead. A study of 810 adults between 25 and 79 years old showed that after 18 months, those who cut out sweet drinks had greater weight loss than those who cut down on food calories. One possible reason: While your body lets you know when it is full of food, there is no way for your body to tell you when you’ve maxed out on liquid calories.

  • Physical activity helps counting calories. Being physically active burns calories while it improves your overall health. Aim for 30 minutes a day most days of the week. A brisk 30- to 45-minute walk burns 100 to 200 calories. If you can burn 200 calories through exercise, you only have to cut out 300 calories in food or drink to reach your daily calorie-cutting goal.

  • Strategically eating less drops weight. A study of 811 overweight people who participated in four popular diets found that whether diets were low-fat, high-protein, or a combination didn’t matter — weight-loss success depends on cutting out calories. In fact, you can continue to eat filling portions if you simply replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruits and vegetables. A study of 97 obese women who ate either a low-fat diet or a low-fat diet with additional fruits and vegetables found that those who emphasized fruits and veggies lost up to five pounds more.

  • Journaling leads to success. Counting calories is easier if you write down (or type in) what you eat, including serving sizes and details such as condiments you may have added. “Research has shown that exercise and journaling really make a difference in long-term weight management,” says Gail Curtis, assistant professor at Wake Forest University Health Sciences in Winston-Salem, N.C. A detailed journal will help you identify your successes and pinpoint where you can cut additional calories or replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie ones.

With dedicated work you can apply these truths to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks or less.

So get moving!  


It seems we are always making New Year's Resolutions of weight loss, things we want to change about ourselves, join a gym, etc.  This 20-Pound weight loss article provided by Stephen Golden is a good one for a starting point.

For some more good Weight Loss Idea, Diabetic Diets - Visit  The

Mayo Clinic website!


Thank you for reading Carlsbad Management, LLC's article! 

We have 1 - 2- 3- 4 Bedroom units! Townhouses,Duplex,Garden Apartments, Rent-to-Own Refurbished Mobile Homes!

Click-on the links below for more information and available units!

Apartments for Rent *

  * Rent to Own Mobile Homes *




Happy New Year! Apartments for Rent-Imperial-Jefferson County MO


Happy New Year!

To Our Current, Past, and Future Residents!

We now begin our journey

in the New Year of 2015.

May your journey be an adventure and may it take you to new places and new heights in your journey of life.  

May it be a peaceful, joyous,

loving, healthy and happy one!

From The Management, Maintenance Staff

of Carlsbad Management, LLC  

Happy New Year!




On your journey of your life; you may be looking to rent your first place, down-size or get a more roomier place to live.

We have 1- 2 - 3 Bedroom Apartments, Townhouses, Duplex Available or coming soon!  Looking to Rent to Own - We,also, have available Beautifully Refurbished and Remodeled Mobile Homes.



It is easy to apply - Just go to our Available Units and choose the property you wish to apply for and it is as easy as 1-2-3.  

Application Fee $30 per Adult 18+  

Pets are accepted with Breed/Weight (30# Limit)

and other restrictions apply. Limit 2 -

Extra Security Deposit of $250 per pet - Monthly Pet Rent $20 per pet.



HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May you always have walls for the wind


May you always have walls for the wind,

a roof for the rain,

a warm cup of tea by the fire, laughter to cheer you,

those you love near you,

and all that your heart my desire!  (Irish Blessing)


The Management, Maintenance Crew and Owners of Carlsbad Management, LLC would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We appreciate you allowing us to help provide you with "Walls for the Wind"  and a"Roof for the rain" and look forward to continuing to do so. 


balcony  view from a townhouse



First Snowfall of Autumn 2014

If you are someone you know are looking for "walls for the wind," Please review our currently available Apartments for Rent in Imperial, Jefferson County MO or Mobile Homes for Rent to Own or Mobile Home Lots - Pads for Rent in House Springs, Jefferson County MO please click on the underlined text above  for more details. 

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

Holiday Cleaning - Apartments for Rent, Imperial-Jefferson County MO



Apartments for Rent,

Imperial - Jefferson County Missouri

South Pointe Apartments

Holiday Cleaning!

Appliance Zone DIY TIPS 

Shared from an Email from Appliance Zone!


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ApplianceZone DIY Tip:

Managing your cleaning "to-do's".

With all the hustle and bustle that the holiday season brings, it's easy to procrastinate when it comes to prepping your home for holiday shin-digs.

Instead of waiting till the last minute, which requires almost an entire day (that you don't have) to clean and getting completely overwhelmed, try splitting your cleaning to-do's into daily segments.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when writing out your plan of attack:
  • • Try walking through your home with a visitor's eye. Look for things that you may overlook day-to-day, but a guest might notice.
  • • Enlist ALL of Santa's elves to help. Assign tasks to each family member to make the list more manageable.
  • •Straighten your coat closet to make room for guests' coats and add extra hangers if needed.
  • • De-clutter your fridge to make room for all of the holiday goodies.
  • • Wipe down all of your visible appliances and cabinets.
Check stock and availability with a customer service representative.

Additional Tip: This would also be a good time to sort outgrown toys and clothing into keep and donate piles, to help make room for all the new gifts Santa will bring this year.


Email for appointment or information

to see our available rental units.  We have Rent to Own - Lease Option Purchase - Beautiful Refurbished Mobile Homes Available!

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