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Summer Temps have arrived!  Are you ready for the Missouri Hot Humid Weather?

Posted by Myra L on Tue, May 29, 2018 @ 19:05 PM

Well, it sure was hot this past weekend.   Hopefully everyone survived the heat so far!    If you have ever had a heat stroke, generally you can not take the heat. as well as you once did.   Also if you have had certain medical treatment such as CHEMO you are not suppose to be out in the heat/sun.    

I can handle the heat but the humidity is another thing!  But I try to make the best out of everything including the weather.  There are several website that have great tips for surviving the heat.  

1.  Keep hydrated  drink water, water.   Drink drinks with low sugar content but has electrolytes, such as Gatorade.   

2.  If working outside takes lots of breaks and rest your body.

3.  Try to work outside in the early morning or in the late afternoon.  

4.  Do not be outside if at all possible during the hottest part of the day around 11AM  to 4 PM.

Here are some links to other websites that have great tips to survive the HOT HEAT & HUMIDITY.

How to prevent a HEAT STROKE

How to Survive the Heat                      Survive without Air Conditioning

Surviving the Humidity

Don't forget those swimming pools, lakes, shallow creeks help too.  I like to set in a spring fed creek in the shade of tree and relax.   There are plenty of them around the state of Missouri.  Just google your local area!   

If you don't have air conditioning, check your local area for cooling stations.  Don't close your windows! Turn on a fan and pull the air out of your house, apartment etc.   Cool off in a cool shower, never step into a cold bath if you are hot.  Take a washcloth to cool off your head first.

I hope this helps you survive the heat and humidity this summer in Missouri!

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Get rid of Weeds and Pest Naturally!

Posted by Myra L on Fri, May 11, 2018 @ 09:05 AM

Weeds, are you tired of trying all the different chemicals on your lawn and flower beds?

 Here is a couple of website that offer tips and idea for getting rid of weeds and not everything else. Also, check out the organic/nature pest control ideas.  Find one that will work for you!   Definitely try to use no chemicals that are harmful to our environment and to your family!


Be careful when using vinegar, salt and other homemade remedies as they can kill your other plants. So you would want to use a spray bottle or sprayer and spray only the weeds/plants you wish to get rid of at the time and point.  Salt solutions can discolor and harm your concrete if  you use too much. I would suggest using it in an area first to test it.

Also in your solution that you use, you may use a dish detergent in the solution to help it stick to the plants you spray.  

Vinegar is eco-friendly and organic. It may be used for a variety of purposes.


To help get rid of pest on  your plants, flowers, you may want to try this website.  GLOBAL HEALING CENTER  This  site tells you how to use  NEEM, CITRUS OIL, Eucalyptus Oil, Himalayan Salt crystals, Garlic  etc.   I have paged marked it for me to try some of the ideas.  

I have used  Diatomaceous Earth before  and it works great!  It did was simple to use and it did slow down the spiders, ants on the inside of my house. 

We do not want to get rid of all the insects, pest and weeds. All things have their purpose here on earth so try to spot weed and pest control to a low limit.  Weeds are beneficial to wildlife and our environment.  The butterflies, hummingbirds, etc need flowers (wildflowers help too) to survive.  Try to dedicate a spot in  your lawn for the wildflowers that are native to your area.  Most import, try to you less chemicals to help our eco system here on earth for our future and the earth. 

If you are looking for your starter home or downsizing! We have Lease Option Purchase Mobile Homes. When you purchase one of our homes, you can try out one of these recipes around your new home in our community!








Thank you for reading our short blogs!

Carlsbad Management, LLC

Springtime:  Flowers, Beautiful Colors, Birds Singing, Gardens & New Place to Call Home.

Posted by Myra L on Thu, Apr 26, 2018 @ 08:04 AM

What a wonderful time of the year! Mother Earth is coming alive in our part of the world. Wild flowers, Easter Lilies, Tulips are blooming, The trees & Bushes are budding & leafing out and the grass is growing! Time for planting those flowers! You can read our previous blogs about planting roses. 

The Birds are singing ever so sweetly. Here at our office in Golden Acres Mobile Home Community, we have spotted our first Hummingbird of the Year. If you make your own Hummingbird Food Remember NO RED DYE, as it is harmful to the Hummingbirds.

The Hummingbird Food mixture is a simple recipe. 1 Part Cane Sugar and 4 Parts Water. Bring to a boil, then Cool before putting in the feeder. The mixture can be kept in a sealed jar/container up to two weeks in the refrigerator. That is a recipe that I was told by an elderly person. Here is a Google Search for Hummingbird food recipe. Flowers which is much better for them, Natural is the way to go if at all possible. I love watching the hummingbirds feed. They are super fast but yet so tiny.

The spring has brought out so many different colors this year already. I can not wait to take a road trip to see much more of the our planet in our area, budding & blooming before it gets TOO HOT! Hopefully, you too, can get out and see our area in the springtime bloom!

Whether you enjoy gardening, Nature's Beauty or other folks flowers, just get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors.

If you want to move to a Quiet Peaceful Neighborhood, then we have the place for you!   Golden Acres Mobile Home Community




We have all sorts of flowers, mature trees and wildlife all around us. We are just 40 minutes or less from Forest Park, The Zoo, and many state, city, and country parks to enjoy. We like to encourage you to take your family and/or friends and pack a lunch, some cool drinks and take a drive in the country or anywhere and Enjoy the day.

We here at Carlsbad Management, LLC  invite you to visit our available units page.  Please make note that we are bringing in Brand New Homes and are working with Clayton Homes & 21st Mortgage to make it possible for you to own a brand new home already setting in a Quiet & Peaceful Neighborhood with gorgeous sunsets......

No need for you to fuss or worry about the set up of a new home!  You just have to apply with the Community and 21st Mortgage... We will make the process as painless and easy as we possibly can.

Golden Acres Mobile Home Community Contact us today through email or call us!





Jefferson County Mo offers rolling hills and simply Gorgeous Views & Scenery, Country Living with plenty of Great Shopping Areas, Doctors, Mercy Hospital, Live Music etc... We are located Off Old Hwy 21 just north of Hwy MM/M   House Springs MO

The SUNRISE photo below was taken  at Hwy MM/M and OLD 21 Overpass... Just 1/2 mile south from Golden Acres Mobile Home Community. A gorgeous view on a foggy morning over looking the hills of Jefferson County MO.




Spring Planting - Roses and others plants in Jefferson County Missouri

Posted by Tammy W on Tue, Mar 13, 2018 @ 10:03 AM

The month of March reminds us that spring is almost here! It is time to utilize the warm days of March to prepare the yard and/or garden for spring planting and growing season. The link for spring planting will take you to the almanac for planting tips.

Before you can begin any project, it is a good idea to start with raking and picking up last year’s leaves and sticks that have fallen over winter. DON’T FORGET TO take a break and visit with your neighbor’s as they, too, are beginning outdoor projects. Don’t try to do everything in one day.

Before you start your project Remember that it is the Missouri Law to contact DIGRITE before digging of any nature. Also, you may want to check with your community board, landlord, Subdivision Associations for any restrictions that may have for your subdivision, community etc.

DIG RITE - (Missouri One-Call) Telephone Number is 1-800-DIG-RITE (344-7483) or via their website Missouri One Call So before you start planting of roses, shrubs, and bushes call DIGRITE! Remember SAFETY FIRST.

Remember that once you plant any flower, tree, shrubs, bush, you have to maintain/weed and feed/water them on a regular basis.


rose bud with rain drops


Roses have a nice aroma to them and have wonderful flowers most of the season. Once you pick out your type of roses you want to plant, you then have to select your site carefully. Be sure to read the label on your new roses to see what type of soil and lighting it will need. Most Roses will need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun a day. If they do not receive enough sunlight, the flowers will be inferior, and the plants will be weak. It is a good ideal to Locate your rose bed away from trees and shrubs.

Good drainage is essential for successful roses. Raised beds are useful for providing good drainage. Beds should be raised between 1-2 feet above the surrounding soil surface. A good soil mix to use for roses is 3 parts loose loamy soil, 3 parts peat moss or preferably manure or compost and 1 part sand. Add about 3-4 pounds super phosphate per 100 sq. ft. of area. You can also work about a cup of bone meal or alfalfa meal into the bottom of each planting hole.

The best time in St. Louis to plant roses is in the spring before the weather turns hot. Dig a hole 6 inches wider and 6 inches deeper than the container. Work in the bone meal or alfalfa meal and place 6 inches of well prepared soil into the hole. Place the rose into the hole with the graft at or slightly above the soil line.

Fill the rest of the hole with soil, tamp down tightly and water thoroughly.

Golden Acres Mobile Home Community is a great place to enjoy your yard in the spring! In Golden Acres Mobile Home Community you must make sure you check with the Property Manager, call DIGRITE and trees cannot be planted in certain areas. However, we do love our flowerbeds.

The leaves on the trees are beginning to bud out. The squirrels are chirping and playing. The birds fill the bird feeders with a wide variety of springtime birds!

The sunsets are picture perfect! 


Come visit us soon and become a part of our Golden Acres Mobile Home Community!

Or call us at 636-942-3100






Spring is virtually just around the corner, Pretty flowers everywhere! BUT are you prepared for the Spring & Summer Storms?

Posted by Myra L on Wed, Mar 7, 2018 @ 09:03 AM

I know I am! And not only the warmer weather but also to see the Beautiful spring colors! As the earth comes un-dormant in our part of the world, the spring colors will fill our scenery all around us. Nature can be so beautiful, but also violent. As we live here in the Midwest, spring & summer storms can turn violent. We should all know the basics on how to take cover in a bad storm, dangerous lightening, flash flooding, high winds, tornados, hail, etc by now. If you don't have a basement or storm shelter, do you know what room is the safest for you and your family? I will be posting some links for you to read more information on how to help protect your family from dangerous storms. Every ounce of knowledge and a reminder is always helpful. Teaching your older children on where to go or what to do too if they are home alone and frightening is very helpful.

I do love to set out and listen to the fall of a gentle rain coming down but Storms are another story all together. Spring storms can be deadly. We want to do our part in educating and passing on Helpful tips to help kept you and your family safe. Tornados are not discrimination. They will destroy any building whether brick, stone, wood, or metal when in their path. Being as low to the ground or better yet, below ground is the best place. Inside a small closet or a bathroom was the best place to be if you did not have a shelter or basement.

None of us want to be in a violent storms but here in the Midwest, the storms seem to be getting worse each year. We pray for less storms and for the people that are in the lines of the storms. We want you to be as prepared as you possibly can be.  Try to have a plan of action for each type of diaster that is possible for your area of the world.  Be sure to include a plan of contact that will let your family and friends know you are safe.  Remember Cell phones may not be available to use in certain times as cell towers can go down as well. One needs to have an alternate way of contact if possible.

Here are some website links for Safety Tips on Storms, Tornados, ETC.

If you are in a path of a tornado the above links may be able to help you survive a tornado and take precautions. We pray and that there is no harm to you or your pets or families. Materials things are just material things, yes some things are irreplaceable, but your life is what matters the most. Take shelter and take prevention to help ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Extreme & High Winds, Lightening, Flooding - Flash Flooding: near rivers and creeks,

Extreme & High Winds conditions: You have to watch out for Trees and Limbs falling on your home and vehicles is very dangerous. If possible, you need to cut down trees that are near your home or that can fall on your home down. Trim branches and limbs to keep building, vehicle and persons safe from harm.

Lightening: Stay away from windows, stay inside to keep from harming and getting struck yourself. For more about lightening visit National Geographic website! Most deaths from lightening occurs in the summertime. Naturally more people are outside enjoying swimming, golfing, baseball, floating and you are more exposed. If storm is approaching take the necessary precautions.


All Photos by : M Litel Photography ©

Flooding - Flash Flooding near rivers and creeks: Keep an eye on the rising water and get out of the area before the flooding occurs. Our Reverse 911 in Jefferson County, MO is a good method of getting notified for your area if it is flooding or expected to flood or inclement weather is approaching. Make sure you are signed up for this service. It is always good to be notified when inclement weather is fast approaching or if a creek is flooding near your home. Now all creeks are not on this service but pay close attention to the weather at your home and if the conditions are favorable for flash flooding. Be ALERT and Ready to Act. Here is a link for some preparedness tips on Flooding.



 The topics above in this article is some tips and information links to help you be prepared for the upcoming Spring & Summer time Weather. We want to help you be prepared. Don't forget to get fresh batteries for you flashlights. A hand Crank Radio or battery operated one. A generator if at all possible. Remember Cell Towers may be brought down in a storm too so cell service may not be available. Medical information, first aid kit, etc is just some of the items you may need.

Here is a link to the CDC.Gov website in which they have a list of items you may need or tips that may help as well for the upcoming Spring Storms.

Be prepared and Safe for the upcoming Storm Seasons.

We here at Golden Acres Mobile Home Community & Carlsbad Management, LLC sits high on a hilltop in House Springs MO, North-Eastern Jefferson County MO. We wish everyone a Safe Spring and Summer. May your days be blessed and full of adventure! Don't forget to get out and see the spring colors. Get out side and take a hike, plant a flower or veggie garden or take a road trip to see the scenery of Missouri. But at the same time keep a watchful of eye on the weather around you.

Call us today or visit us online to see what we have available for Lease To Purchase or to Rent Only. 636-942-3100 Our Available Units 



Tammy, my assistant, will be doing a blog on planting roses in the very near future. I like flower pots and load them up with different types of annual flowers and perennials. I personally love the double rose moss, it comes back every year! It takes low maintenance. As I am always on the run. LOL. Hostas, iris, day lilies, surprise lilies, tulips, etc is nice for their green foliage and beautiful blooms. I say read the directions and make sure you put your plants in the right spot according to the sunlight, watering, and feeding that they will need.





FLU & COLD Season is Still Here! What can you do to help lessen the effects and the length? Here is a few tips!

Posted by M Litel on Thu, Jan 25, 2018 @ 11:01 AM

There are a few "Common Sense" things you can do.

  • Wash your Hands often
  • Use Hand Sanitizer
  • Cover mouth with a tissue or the bend of your arm when coughing or sneezing
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay home and Don't Share with others!
  • Sanitize your home after you touch something with a Bleach Cloth
  • Take some Vitamins/Over the counter meds that your pharmacist recommends
  • Research certain foods/fruits for the right combination. Chicken Soup never hurts.
  • Call your Primary Care Doctor
  • Try to have someone else go pickup what you need from the store as not to spread the germs to others.

There are many good tips and ideas located on this wonderful internet. Some may work for you and some may not. Not all meds will work the same on everybody. But listen to your body, drink plenty of liquids and get lots of rest!

Here is a link to a website that many have a few more tips/ideas for you.





Try to do your part and DON'T SHARE YOUR GERMS WITH OTHERS!  Here recently the local area was out of the Flu medicine. If you are feeling sick, stay home and Call your Primary Care Doctor.  This flu season has been deadly and is horrible this season.     We wish everyone a Healthy Year!  But we all seem to catch a cold or a bug of some sort throughout the year, so take preventive measures if you can at all.   

Now I will take the time to tell you about one of our Mobile Home Communities where we have BEAUTIFUL REFURBISHED 2 & 3 Bedroom Mobile Homes Available!

Golden Acres Mobile Home Community is a Family-Owned Distinguished Quiet established Country Living with Mature Trees, level lots which some backs up to wooded areas and Private Parking for 2 cars off street.

We are within 20 minutes of Fenton, House Springs, High Ridge and Arnold MO shopping areas. St Claire & St Anthony's Hospitals are nearby as well.    The children attend the Award Winning Fox C-6 School District  - THE SECKMAN SCHOOLS.

Visit our Current Available Page for our Beautiful Refurbished Mobile Homes!

  We are announcing that we are working with 21st Mortgage and Clayton Homes to bring in some BRAND NEW MOBILE HOMES.  You will be able to customize your home with certain options offered by Clayton.  We are excited about this new program!




Eagles on the Mississippi River.

Posted by M Litel on Tue, Jan 23, 2018 @ 10:01 AM

What a wonderful sight! Eagles on the Mississippi River! We are definitely blessed to live here in Jefferson County Missouri. We have the chance to see one or more American Bald Eagle's fly over us at anytime. They have been spotted over Hwy 30, 21, BB, in Desoto, High Ridge, Hillsboro over the College. I have had the opportunity to see them fly over the highway, in a tree near my house. I have stood Right outside on the deck of our office here in Golden Acres Mobile Home Community, where we have Lease to Purchase Option of Refurbished mobile homes,  looked up toward the towers and was able to see one flying. They are such a majestic bird and a sight to see in person. As an amateur photographer, a hobby on mine, my husband and I go out on the weekends and we were able to capture a few wonderful photos of these wonderful creatures.


Lock and Dams on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River from Clarksville to Hannibal Missouri has provided some wonderful places to watch the Eagles feed and fly so gracefully above those who watch and wait for that perfect photo. The Great River Road Website (Lock and Dam's on the Mississippi River) This Website is full of information regarding the History and the Reasons behind the Lock & Dams along the Mississippi River. It also gives you some more places to see the Eagles as well as other historical sites to visit. When I visited the Lock & Dam #22, there were a lot of Eagles more than 60. At some of the locations along the river, the Eagles are actually on the other side of the River and without a telescope or a large zoom on your camera, or a good set of binoculars you really can't see them. But wait don't fret as they put on a great show when they feed. It is an amazing sight just to watch them feed and pull that fish right out of the water in their talons.

I say just pack a lunch and the Kids up and head out for an adventure of a life time. You will be making family/friends memories with your loved ones! Memories your children, yourself, grandkids, and/or friends will cherish!

I know many of you say wow that is too far to travel. According to mapquest, it is 126 miles from Golden Acres Mobile Home Community to the Lock & Dam #22 however there are some slightly closer! You can visit our neighboring State of Illinois. There you can visit Alton/Grafton and watch the Eagles over there too. I have seen a few there too just last Saturday! I have seen Eagles at George Winter's Park in Fenton as well in Valley Park along the Meramec River too. Although, I must say those sightings are few.

Here is a few more of my photos, that I was able to capture since the first of the year!







Photos were used with permission.


Be Sure to Enjoy A Great Outdoor

Adventure this year! 



Check out our Current Available









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What to do with those Tax Refunds? If you are lucky enough to get some money back!

Posted by M Litel on Tue, Jan 23, 2018 @ 09:01 AM

Yes, everyone wants a piece of your tax refunds. Take a trip, vacation, go on a shopping spree, etc. Here is an idea, how about making an investment of a new place to call home! Golden Acres Mobile Home Community currently has some gently used homes that have been Beautifully refurbished. We have a couple of 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms available and ready to move in!  Brand New Laminate flooring as seen below:


We are proud to announce " Premier Mobile Home Sales" within our own Golden Acres Mobile Home Community and this Spring: We will be bringing in some Brand New Clayton Homes for sale, in Golden Acres Mobile Home Community.

Premier Mobile Home Sales is a new endeavor for us. This Spring, we are looking forward in showing you, our Quality Clayton Homes here at Golden Acres Mobile Home Community, House Springs MO.

We will be working with Clayton Homes and 21st Mortgage to help you find your new home! You will be able to pick out : colors scheme, cabinets, fixtures, etc - make it your own! We are looking forward in helping you get approved for your new home with us!

We will have the option of a BRAND NEW HOME or you will have the option of a Beautiful Refurbished Mobile Home. Use your tax refund for a down payment on a new place to call home. A Starter Home, Down-Sizing or needed a bigger place, or want a small yard Click here to see our Current available units!




Be sure to read our past blogs about great tips on various topics. We look forward to sharing healthy, cooking, events in the area, Fund Raisers for our Veterans, etc during the year!

Golden Acres Mobile Home Community is nestled on a HILLTOP in North-Eastern part of Jefferson County, MO. Our community is a quiet and conveniently located. We are just north of MM/M & New 21 interchange off OLD HWY 21. (House Springs MO) We are approximately 8 miles from Hwy 141 -and Interstate 55 also approximately 6 miles from hwy 30. Also we are approximately 35 minutes from Forest Park in St Louis, The Zoo and The Arch. I have to mention several state and county parks, Lone Elk Park to name one are nearby our community too.

We wish everyone a Happy & Healthy 2018. Enjoy each day to the fullest!



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2018 and New Beginnings! Don't limit yourself! Soar High this new year & years to come!

Posted by M Litel on Mon, Jan 1, 2018 @ 14:01 PM

2018 & New Beginnings whether you are starting out or down-sizing. We do have options available for you!

But First things first! We here at Carlsbad Management, LLC - [Manages Golden Acres Mobile Home Community - Golden Valley Mobile Home Community to name our local Mobile Home Communities], Wishes Everyone Love, Happiness, Great Health and Good Fortune in the year 2018 and years to come. We simply believe making each day the best you can. We love our communities here at Carlsbad Management, LLC . The staff here strives every day to make our communities the best and safest place to live.

We have decided to join forces with a Manufacture(s) of Mobile Homes - to bring in BRAND NEW MOBILE HOMES in our park to sell. These will not be on our lease to purchase option but rather financed through 21st Century Financing. You will pay us lot rent only and make your payment to 21st Century Financing. We will still have the option to purchase our Refurbished Mobile Homes - Refurbished by us and our contractor. We are hoping to be able to offer our residents more options during 2018 and this is one way that is coming VERY SOON! We are hoping by March. We are definitely looking forward in meeting our new residents and keeping our Communities Safe and the Best they can be!

Keep an eye on our website as this endeavor unfolds during the first 1/2 of 2018! We hope you will look to us for a new place to call home this year! Visit our Available Page for our Available units NEW & REFURBISHED HOMES! I will be adding new listings this week January 2, 2018, for our Refurbished 2 & 3 bedroom which is now available in addition to the 2 already listed. We always offer you the chance to see any unit that is unlisted ready or not. If you choose one that is not ready we can give you some options of the flooring, etc, that we may have in stock.

We want you to keep your option open as your down-size or start out in 2018! We would like to be able to assist you if we possible can! We work with NO-Credit - Not -so Good Credit - we even accept Qualified Co-Signers as well! Give us a call to see if we can assist in getting you in one of our properties! Keep your mortgage/rent low so you can do the other things in life that is calling your name! Call us today at 636-942-3100.


Scouting for Eagles 201718

There are so many things in Missouri that is free! Venture out towards Clarksville MO and Lock & Dam #24 to see the Eagles soaring high above the Mississippi River! It's free and let it remind you to Soar High and Remember the best things is life is right around us! Take your family and/or friends and pack a cooler & Snacks and go enjoy an outing! That only cost you a few dollars in gasoline. Living in Golden Acres Mobile Home Community in House Springs MO is only An Hour or so away from so many free opportunities to see and an enjoy near home. And they are free to see and visit! Or you can stay inside - Warm and Cozy!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our available units. We want the opportunity to show you our community. It is cold right now but as they say in Missouri stick around a little while and it will change! Myself and/or my assistant Tammy W. will be more than happy to show you are available units or answer any questions about our properties.

Again we wish you all the best in the year 2018 & the years to come!

The photo below reminds us that warmer days are coming soon to Golden Acres Mobile Home Community and Missouri!





Christmas Shopping! Oh What fun it is! Ya or Na?

Posted by M Litel on Thu, Dec 14, 2017 @ 11:12 AM

Many of us has already completed our Christmas shopping! However a lot of us have not! I am in the latter category this year, unfortunately. I have been super busy doing other stuff. But it is not too late for Christmas shopping tips.

  1. Ask the ones you are buying for this year for a list.
  2. Create a shopping list and/or make them a gift. Sometimes a personal homemade gift is more welcome than one thinks. Even gift a movie or a day together with each person individually.
  3. Decide how much you want to spend on Christmas all together.
  4. Try not to use your credit cards as humans we tend to spend more than we can afford.
  5. Use cash. Buy all through the year.... But don't forget where you put things like I do sometimes. LOL

There are many other great times as well. Many great websites as the link below

Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Holiday Money-Saving

Sometimes we get caught up in the hussle and bussle of Christmas and the commericialism of it all.  Family and Friends spending time together is the best present of all. As we are all busy with our lives and our cell phones get in the way of spending time together.  As a present to each other give the gift that keeps giving all through the year. Dedicate a day , a weekend  or a certain part of a day to spend time with each person that is special in your life.

  The best gift of all is your love and time,

something Money can not buy and we all can afford!  

Give the gift of love & time to those who are special to you this year!


The Goldens & the Staff of 

Golden Acres - Jeffcorents - Carlsbad Management, LLC

wishes everyone a

Very Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

If you are looking for a new place to call home 

check out our available units!

For Lease to Buy

or we have rental units too!



Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!